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Arts & Business Council of Miami

The Arts & Business Council of Miami is leading the movement to build a sustainable cultural community through advancing high-impact partnerships between business, foundations and the arts. Through research, training and arts engagement, ABC serves as an effective catalyst for building synergistic partnerships that give business a competitive advantage. As Miami's official association to leverage the arts for economic vitality, ABC provides meaningful engagement opportunities with the arts to inspire employees, stimulate innovation and foster creativity.

1637 SW 8th Street, Ste 212

Miami, FL 33135

(305) 326-1021
WHY GIVE TO JUST ONE ARTS GROUP, WHEN YOU CAN STRENGTHEN 500+ ARTISTS AND NON-PROFITS? The Arts & Business Council of Miami offers programs that empower more than 500 artists, nonprofit change-makers and community builders to lead, serve, and inspire a more creative region. From marketing to management, from mentoring to outreach, from intros to influencers to one on one coaching, the Arts & Business Council strengthens and grows Miami’s creative ecosystem. Your donation strengthens 500+ artists, creatives and arts organizations. The arts have a 1.6 Billion Dollar Impact in Miami, and your donation goes a long way to leverage the value of the arts in our community: $1,000 = board retreat to strengthen nonprofit group $500 = Miami Arts Marketing Project conference and LABS for a small arts group build new audiences $250 = board leadership coaching for arts organization $200 = marketing coach for a creative entrepreneur $150 = scholarship for Marketing Bootcamp for emerging arts leader $75 = legal consultation for an artist $50 = Financial wellness session for an artist or creative $25 = social media campaign for more art in schools