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P.S. 305

P.S. 305’s vision is for every child in Miami-Dade County to receive a high-quality education. We achieve that by informing, activating, and empowering families across Miami into a powerful voice for great schools for all children. P.S. 305 engages parents in education in a completely innovative, transformative, and research-based way. Our leadership development pathway has 3 parts: 1. One-on-Ones (Home Visits): A P.S. 305 staffer conducts a home visit where we learn about each family’s history, values, and goals, building deep relationships with the parents we are working with. Our team conducts 10-20 of these meetings each week across Miami-Dade. 2. Trainings: Parents who complete a home visit are invited to attend a P.S. 305 training. Our trainings cover Miami’s education system and leadership development. Topics include understanding academic data, what makes a high school quality school, navigating Miami’s school choice system, effective communication skills, problem-solving, and advocacy techniques. 3. Team Meetings: Families who complete our trainings join P.S. 305 neighborhood teams, which are comprised of 15-25 parent leaders. Teams work together to identify local issues, create a strategic plan to tackle those issues and ultimately carry out their plan. This year, parents are working to increase social and emotional learning in Miami's schools. In the long run, success would look like thousands of Miamians civically engaged in improving Miami's schools.

1951 NW 7 Ave
Suite 600
Miami, FL 33136

P.S. 305 parent leaders in Little Havana after completing an Education Advocacy training over 6 months in 2018, in partnership with ConnectFamilias.